Formatrice 2/4 cilindri2 cylinder moulder machine

Our moulders in versions with 2 cylinders, Giò2C, with a standard cylinder length of 550 mm, are unique, versatile machines. With their entire structure in stainless steel and all moving parts mounted on sealed bearings, these moulders are strong and silent. They are also versatile because they are able to sheet and wind from 20 g to 1,2 kg of dough in an infinite number of ways. The versions with the “upper belt” are designed for inserting the dough between the cylinders in the desired shape, guiding it and restraining it as one does by hand. They can be paired with long-loaf moulders Giò700 and Giò700R, which are also in stainless steel, to complete the possible range of bread and pastry-shop shapes that can be obtained using these moulders. The Giò2C moulders were tested successfully also for rolling up dough triangles used to make croissants of all sizes thus broadening the production range.

Model Installer Power Weight Width Lenght Height
kW Kg mm mm mm
Giò 2C 0.75 260 850 845 1200
Giò 2C UPPER BELT 0.75 275 850 845 1200

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